Pole Shift Theory of Management for Investors in People (IIP) Standard


Pole Shift Theory of Management for Investors in People (IIP) Standard critically looks at IIP and exhorts to shift the focus of analysis from ‘effect’ on Objects to ’cause’ of energy force i.e the Subject.

School of Management, Cranfield University Research Study of The Investors in People (IIP) Standard states: Quote: The Investors in People (IIP) Standard is a UK quality standard introduced in 1991. Currently about 31% of the workforce are employed either by organisations that are recognised as Investors in People employers or organisations working towards achieving recognition status. IIPUK’s Delivery Partners currently work with almost 40,000 organisations employing over 7.5 million people and engage with new organisations on a daily basis, which highlights its potential impact on the UK economy. The Standard’s main objective is to improve organisational performance through the management and development of people. Unquote.

Organisational performance through management of Intangible Value Capital, as suggested by IBCM© Research would improve substantially with measurable valuation of Action and Inaction of tasks, where there is no bottom-up or top-down hierarchical approach to management as Investors look at an organisation as a single force energy represented by People.

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