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An IBCM© Research Presentation:

DIY – Corporate Rating – CSR integrated – by IBCM© Research is unique in the world of management, derived by Intangible

IBCM© Research integrates Tangible results with Intangible action plan keeping track of accomplishments on Real-time.


Salient Points:

1. IBCM© Research helps systematic development of Corporate Knowledge Database of Intangible Corporate Action crucial for Enterprise Resource Controls, hitherto not possible.

2. PE Investors or Banks decide based on inadequate data and no measured knowledge of the calibre of management. Regulators enter after the damage is done. IBCM© Research Corporate Rating corrects the lacuna by its unique ‘due diligence’ capabilities.

3. Untapped energy source by each building-block of just a set of 5 KPIs that IBCM© Research identifies as the energy waiting to happen – Tap it, productivity explodes.

4. Corporate Rating by each building-block to National grid of Corporate Rating is made possible by Intangible as zero once energised the theory of numbers.

5. Society is the greatest power source for Corporates from seeking funds for growth to market products. CSR is a built-in resource provider in every building block of a company, that IBCM© Research integrates into the atomic structure of management.

6. SEBI’s introduction of Mandatory Grading for IPOs was indeed a challenging phenomenon. Using the same criteria would put forth the companies futuristic, by Corporate Rating. Link to know more of letter to SEBI –

7. Easily extrapolate industry to National grid of Governance. Bangladesh or Greece or India or China or any country, will be better served by rating their Intangible Value Capital, for it derives a rating reflecting the hidden but unused power of energy force.

8. Not economic analysis but Intangible Value Capital, be it Corporate or Government that would be the deciding factor for any investments. “Due diligence’ reports by Intangible Value Capital ensure sustainability of efficiency, values and profits. 

9. DIY for Intangible Value Capital is a Balance Sheet of strategies you can refer and keep track anytime. M&A strategies that history proves of failures as mismatch of value system need measurement of Intangible Value Capital of the partners before acquisition for growth. The catchword is sustainability of values.

DIY for Intangible Value Capital Knowledge Base.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer


Kodaikanal, India

By jayar

Author - CorporateMOM - Sustainability of Corporate Stability

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