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Advertisements My comment to JP’s blog on Nation on Wrong Track [http://southwerk.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/nation-on-wrong-track/#comments] is reproduced for the benefit of Recovery Indonesia @GoRECOVERY: Yes all nations are in the wrong track. Quote from my book:”When the priority is already set, the hungry man accepts the inevitability of the human race which is non-reacting, non-acting, non-responding, inert-like entity.

Exposure Draft Hedge Accounting

Advertisements Given below is the extract from IASB on Hedge Accounting inviting comments on the Exposure Draft before the same is released as a Standard. It is a good opportunity, possibly the last, to look at the corrective steps needed in this field that has played havoc to the detriment of World and US Economy.… Continue reading Exposure Draft Hedge Accounting

HACCP of Governance

Advertisements Announcing The Implementation of Chapter II Preventive Measures of United Nations Convention Against Corruption [UNCAC] for Organizations in Corporate & Government e Learning – Implementation – Assessment by IBCM

Construct Value and Deconstruct Valueless Dismiss

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