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My fav is a column that goes with the I4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution theme. Some of the favorite videos I have come across I want to share with you, so that it grows to strengthen our resolve to change the world.

The third revolution has many a flaw that needs correction.

CREAM Ratings certified people would look into these videos deeply and add value. Installing value system among individuals and through them the companies is the goal.

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what’s science – Return to Eden


If you look at the breakthrough in science almost always they don’t come from the centre of that profession. They come from the fringe, the finest candlemakers in the world, couldn’t even think of electric lights. They don’t come from within they often come from outside the bricks.

Allan Savory, Ecologist

Does CREAM Ratings offer solutions to the corporate?

Yes, break the current spreadsheet organization structure, break it. You are the finest candlemakers in the world, very focused? Break it.


Allan Savory, Ecologist has spoken his mind. Very Interesting, Indeed!

The unintended consequence is when new knowledge emerges, new scientific insights, they can never ever be peer-reviewed. So we’re blocking all new advances in science, that are big advances.

Allan Savory, Ecologist
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Does CREAM Ratings offer solutions to the universities?

Student: Professor, how do you manage to ask the same question every year?

Prof: I change the answers.

Vodafone RED Postpaid – Musician HD AD – 2014

CREAM Ratings Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training and Execution – is a DIY toolkit.

Ask, whether there is a need for third-party intervention and assurance by an external consultant or a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit is preferable. Understanding the intangible helps to resolve the paradox of being perfect and imperfect at the same time. Inspirational catchwords need careful scrutiny in the context of corporate governance.

Book extract – Chapter 4
Credit: Vodafone RED Postpaid – Musician HD AD – 2014

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One of the best 100 Advertisements of the 20th century, The Penalty of Leadership, Cadillac Motor car Co., Detroit, dated 02-01-1915

When the finest candlemakers in the world are busy, wake them op with this Advertisement – Corporate Atomic Structure is knocking at your doors. Change, Change, Change, Change the denominator.

The Penalty of Leadership – Cadillac

CREAM Report: Identifies individuals of optimized performance. An organization of 500k will compete with 500k Usain Bolts.

“Whatsoever you write, or paint, or play, or sing, or build, no one will strive to surpass or to slander you, unless your work be stamped with the seal of genius”

The Penalty of Leadership

Motivational talk – Shyamala Ramesh Babu

It syncs with the Intangible as the denominator – your own.

Israel the powerhouse

Please hear out Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech on Innovation and disruption in tech driven by Israelis. Note two important points that CREAM Ratings strives to emphasize from this speech:

Disruption: In the next few years 40% of Fortune 500 companies will be gone: Babson Olin School of Business. Check what the speech says:

What does CREAM Ratings say: Disruptive technologies sans value system will disrupt the societal change, which is the priority for I 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution to succeed.

Innovation and disruption in tech driven by Israelis: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

henrik-hogh-olesen-its-a-neurological-fact Credit: Maersk


Reptilian Brain is the oldest brain structure in your brain and is preoccupied by precautions. He cautions nothing happens, nothing develops and everything stagnates.


How does CREAM Ratings deal with it?

Chapter 2: says: Who are you? You are intangible. You are the pulsating energy. You are the corporate denominator.

A structured approach to understand and apply principles that would alter how we look at corporate, which has been the tangible domain of unused capability and wasted efforts. In the context of neurons and synapses that have the potential to be activated a trillion times, we are aghast to realize we occupy the dark ages, not using even a fraction of human capability.

Book Extract


Emergent Property – Murray Gellmann – Credit TED

Emergent Property Phenomenon

1. With Corporate Atomic Structure, the first principle “conformability of nature to herself” is met.

Book extract

2. Applicability of simplicity: It is ensured by limiting the entire management process to only two: the Creative Process and the Action Process.

Book extract

3. Unreasonable effectiveness: In return on intangible, covering the entire gamut of management with a single formula, the unreasonable effectiveness principle is met.

Book extract

The three Principles

The three principles of emergent property according to Nobel laureate Murray Gellmann are as follows: (1) conformability of nature to herself, (2) applicability of simplicity, and (3) unreasonable effectiveness.

Nobel Laureate Murray Gellmann

Corporate Yoga

“you don’t have to add anything more to get something more,” something like a robust corporate yoga, fit as a fiddle.

Book extract

Provost Marshall who warned of the dire consequences was left wondering how the boy soldier could count the fiscal assets—the deck of cards—solve a puzzle, and also retain the ethical assets. Connecting the different perspectives, the human mind focuses on the behavior of highly sensitive dynamical systems, given access to a constant.

Book Extract
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Deck of Cards

This is one of my old favorites. Please listen and check the conclusion.

A boy soldier being caught with playing cards in church, was brought before Provost Marshall. After warning of dire consequences, the soldier did narrate an interesting story. Sir, after marching for six days neither I had a Bible nor a Prayer Book that I spread the deck of cards I had, in the church. You see sir, when I look at the Ace it reminds me that there is but one God. Two, Old and the New Testament. Three, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. He goes on. The King, the Queen, the jack or knave. Sir, I count the number of spots in a deck I find three-hundred-sixty-five—the number of days in a year, Fifty-two cards—the number of weeks in a year, Twelve picture cards—number of months, thirteen tricks—the number of weeks in a Quarter. Four colors—the number of seasons in a year. Sir, my pack of cards serves me as a Bible, an almanac and a prayer book.

Book Extract

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