CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability
The Book is in progress, a snapshot I am showing here.

On the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse the Lessons we learn from these I brought down to three points:

1. Unstable corporate architecture.
2. No Accountability, and
3. No Governance.

Sustainability of stability for corporate would be by the active interest Women undertake and companies usher in an era of sustainable value systems.

In my recent post on LinkedIn, I replied on a poser who do you side with, Elon Musk or Bill Gates? thus:

I support @elonmusk for bringing in an ethical -cum- co-responsibility standards framework without any delay.

The CorporateMOM book is in progress. A snapshot. My emphasis is on SDG Goal #5 be followed.
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The purpose of creamratings.com is to establish in every organization, under Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training and Execution, the CREAM Ratings certified professionals.

Industry 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution would be fully dependent on Societal changes should digital technological advancement plans succeed.

CREAM certified professionals would be the core personnel for transforming the lives of people AND also transforming economies. Please join me in promoting value systems among industry and Banking, to start with.

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“Development is about transforming the lives of people, not just transforming economies.”

― Joseph E. Stiglitz.

The Home page is structured for you to have an overall understanding of the CREAM Ratings. So the link is given for the Toolkit as below. From that link, you should be in a position to go step by step to the total of 10 Modules listed under the toolkit page. A structured approach is what CREAM Ratings recommend from self-governance of individuals to building up value at each step up leading to GNH ~ Gross National Happiness combo with GDP ~ Gross Domestic Product compilation under 17 SDGs – Project SEED – Social, Environmental, Economic Development architecture.

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“One of Einstein’s most hackneyed sayings is, ‘The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.’

What Einstein meant is that the laws of nature seem to apply not just here on earth, but everywhere in the universe. We could imagine a universe where there were no laws at all, completely anarchic, every atom being different. And were that the case, we’d make no progress at all in making sense of the external world.” –

Martin Rees

Intro Page

The lecture takes you through the journey of the Intangible. The journey starts with decoding what Immanuel Kant nearly 300 years back raised the question of whether a science of metaphysics with a logical structure, like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences, was possible?

Corporate and governments are the only species that do not follow the Laws of Nature. How to set it right? The intro page shows you the direction.

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The Book of Changes

Check the reading materials in the Book of Changes. Intro Page

Paul Polman of Unilever urges, “Don’t stay on the sidelines. It boils down to small actions, big difference. Together we can do it.” and adds, “I don’t like that word, responsibility. It is about co-responsibility.”

Paul Polman

CAUSALITY – Module 1

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.

Carl Sagan

Cause and effect: By our ex-post-facto framework we come to know the effect after the deluge. Cause is never known rather kept under the wraps.

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The journey takes you to CERN, a comparative study of CERN and corporate, which throws light on the existence of matter and its creation of energy.

The story of the boy soldier who could count the fiscal assets—the deck of cards—solve a puzzle, and also retain the ethical assets, is a study of contrast between the tangible domain and intangible. Connecting the different perspectives, the human mind focuses on the behavior of highly sensitive dynamical systems, given access to a constant.

Is Corporate Living in Plato’s Cave? Causality is where you start by the courage of your questions and find the depth of your answers.

Module 2 – Who are you? Finding the constant – Find your capability – A new form of capitalism

Individual unleashing energy—a new form of capitalism: Paul Polman and Marc Benioff are looking for a new form of capitalism where unleashing other people’s energy is highlighted as the main criterion for leadership. Their calls for change are accepted – Module 2.

Align corporate with laws of the universe.

Who are you? You are intangible. You are the pulsating energy. You are the corporate denominator.

A Science of Metaphysics: Such a science, with a logical structure like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences, is made possible.

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Intangible Assets – The Root Cause of Economic Collapse – Module 3

The cause of economic collapse – We have heard a clear and consistent message on financial instruments accounting—fix this once, fix it comprehensively, and fix it in an urgent and responsible manner.

Sir David Tweedie

To summarize, G-R-A-C-E [Governance, Responsibility, Authority, Credibility, and Enabled balance sheet] of the audit profession was quite satisfactory through the 1990s.

Auditors by G-R-A-C-E-2 remain and continue to remain graceless. Find out why?

Know it, there’s something responsible for the economic disaster that started in the year 1998, and that something is yet in existence even today. That something if not removed there’s no guarantee that the economic disaster of 2008 would not continue to trouble the world economy.

In Module 1 Causality we found a lack of Root Cause Analysis and here in Module 3 Root Cause of the economic disaster is established. Needs course correction, which you shall note and take action on.


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in·tan·gi·ble (ĭn-tăn′jə-bəl)adj.

1. Incapable of being perceived by the senses.2. Incapable of being realized or defined.3. Incorporeal.


The Science of Metaphysics – Intangible Defined – Module 4
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.- Martin Rees

Search for intangible leads to resolving many a paradox. Tracing the intangible, by studying the opposite values, the intangible is reached, clarifying the known and unknown contra-indicators.

An effort transforms mass into energy—effort is the force when applied satisfies Newton’s Second Law of Motion. The implication of matter and energy in pivotal positions resolves governance standards.

Intangible is defined.

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The transformation from nothing to a substance is the creative process. Understand how from the Intangible domain, in a state of quiescence, the concept is transformed in six stages to a substance of quality, in the physical world.

Measuring the Intangible – Module 5

Corporate, nay, the Universe itself is made up of two processes – creation and action.

You are entering into the intangible domain enabling the metrics for the creation of substance of quality and how they come to be handled by the action process. In that manner, you will derive the most amazing metrics that would remain unchallenged forever. The range of corporate activities is taken into account simplifying the corporate management operating systems within just two processes. This Module is simple as well as the most important module to take cognizance of corporate management

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do : So-do!

do-re-mi-fa-so and so on are only the tools we use to build a song. Once you have these notes in your heads you can sing a million different tunes by mixing them up.

Sound of Music

Intangible is proved as a constant, an energy force, with a fixed value in a specified mathematical context, enabling the accomplishment of an infinite succession of finite purposes by controlling each goal.

Inactivity-Based Cost Management – Module 6

Five Principles:

1: What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

#2: Measure qualitative elements of management

#3: Corporate atomic structure

#4: Return on intangible

#5: Emergent property phenomenon – Fit as a fiddle. 👉🏾

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Inactivity Based Cost Management: Activity has a cost incidence, whereas Inactivity a cost consequence: Measure Cost Consequence, Now, Now, Now.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

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The Board – Corporate Proton – Module 7

Protons and neutrons are heavier than electrons. One proton is about 1,837 times more massive than an electron. In the case of the Corporate Atomic Structure, the board of directors holds powerful control over every decision. Protons and neutrons form a nucleus, so do the board and society.

Corporate Culture

The business enterprise is a profound thought of good intentions toward society, which sets apart corporate culture over individual choice. A culture is a function of true knowledge of awareness, an identity with ethical responsibility, that by which corporate infers and society teaches.

Corporate Sustainability is by the Board assumes the Ethical Responsibility of an enterprise, guiding several CEOs, over a long period of time, and retaining its corporate culture.

The CEO Practices and CREAM Report for Corporate Electron – Module 8

Protons and neutrons form a nucleus, so do the board and society. The CEO team spins around the corporate nucleus, much like the solar system around the sun.

CREAM Report

There are 170 open-ended process blocks, consisting of CREAM Ratings Framework – Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality, and Management Quality.

Earnings represented by P&L and Balance Sheet are of 12 Process Blocks of Quantitative elements of management, the rest 158 are of Qualitative elements.

The CEO team has the onerous responsibility of carrying through all the elements of management.

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CEO Team is assisted by Module 6 Inactivity Based Cost Management that helps to consolidate the CREAM Report by – 1. Return on Intangible, 2. CAGR converted into CDGR and 3. delineation of responsibilities, Ethical and Fiscal, with corporate atomic structure, facilitating measuring [EPP] – Effort per Person.

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Many companies do not wait for laws to be enacted to follow certain basic principles like the Code of Good Conduct or the CoBP. However, for the same set of companies when profit motive becomes the greatest urgency, ethical indifference overrides ethical seriousness.

Understanding and undertaking ethical responsibility consistently and persistently is going to be the coherent corporate management operating system, post-COVID-19, practices.

Society for Corporate Neutron – Module 9

Society does not influence the identity of the Corporate Atomic Structure or the Governmental Atomic Structure but adds mass to them.

Society can vote out a government, can shut a factory like Sterilite, can put a lid on a product like the mercury thermometer. It is a society that is being influenced, not the other way. Society is a powerful ally whose freedom of thought is limited by the constraints imposed by a few, corporate or governments.

Society teaches in different ways, violent, nonviolent, revolution, or by a strenuous process of explication of laws. The first three are by mass movement whereas the last one by government looking into the finer aspect of society’s demands.

There are two prominent issue areas for I4.0 Fourth Industrial Revolution: 1. Advanced Digital Technology and 2. Societal Changes. Module 9 expounds on the importance of the Society, its role in bringing stability to a company, how GNH – Gross National Happiness Index is prepared from the foot-soldier level, how CREAMChain – CREAM Ratings are for individuals and collectively for a company – where the performance of each person or EPP is measured to create blockchain-based CREAMChain. The Project SEED – Social, Environmental, and Economic Development – provides the data developed from the bottom to the top as to GNH and GDP combo.

My Fav

My fav is a column that goes with the I4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution theme. Some of the favorite videos I have come across I want to share with you, so that it grows to strengthen our resolve to change the world.

Corporate CREAM Report

I4.0 Fourth Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution will be led by CREAM Ratings certified professionals.

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