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You are on the first step toward participating in the I4.0 Industrial Revolution,


Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and Execution are for individuals to know more about what society demands and learn the concepts to apply for the benefit of societal good. The toolkit is set to take on every aspect of establishing CREAM Ratings certified professionals in your organization. Every person who gets assessed through CREAM Ratings 9 Modules given herein, will be certified to take on the challenges of I4.0 The Fourth Revolution demands advanced technology and social changes.

This is based on my book:

Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.

What the subscriber would notice instantly is “Measuring Intangible”. Intangible is defined, as zero being found as a number. Intangible is proved as a constant, an energy force, with a fixed value in a specified mathematical context, enabling the accomplishment of an infinite succession of finite purposes by controlling each goal.

The Book is a veritable empirical research study on Management. The Book is transformed into 9 Modules, one for each Chapter. Each Module and the intro page has my lectures as well as further materials attached to a pdf file.

1] CREAM Ratings – CREAM is an acronym for:

Corporate Governance,
Risk Management,
Accounting Quality, and
Management Quality.

2. CREAM Ratings is the first-ever rating system for corporate, as you will learn to rate the qualitative elements of management too. Barring E- Earnings in CREAM Report the rest are qualitative.

3] Knowledge Transfer – Knowledge is the Goal of Ethics. Rule expresses the truth and justifies its conduct. We have knowledge of the rules but we lack the knowledge of their conduct. Hence knowledge base is empty. The knowledge base of each company needs to be filled by their conduct of the set rules. So the participants of CREAM Ratings first learn the knowledge transfer technique and help companies to fill up their knowledge base.

4] The Course Modules: There are 9 Modules as specified hereunder.

  1. Intro:
  2. Module 1: Causality
  3. Module 2: Who are you?,
  4. Module 3: The Root Cause of Economic Collapse,
  5. Module 4: Intangible Defined – Enabler for a Vaccine FDA Certification,
  6. Module 5: Measuring the Intangible – Project SEED – Social, Environmental, Economic Development,
  7. Module 6: Inactivity-Based Cost Management [IBCM],
  8. Module 7: Board of Directors the Corporate Proton,
  9. Module 8: The CEO Practices and CREAM Report for Corporate Electron,
  10. Module 9: Society for Corporate Neutron.

5] Each Module specifies the following:

The key takeaways:

  1. What You Will Learn
  2. Skills You Will Gain
  3. About This Specialization
  4. Course Assessment
  5. After Completion Of This Module You Will Be Able To:
  6. Time Required For This Module

6] Course Certification: At the end of the course I shall issue the Course Completion certificate. You will find how valuable the fishing rod would be for you. You will also learn at the end of the Module on CREAMchain based on Blockchain a lifetime record of self-governance.

Please visit to download files for study and research to complete the learning and education process, under Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and Execution. Please see the intro page that has details of CREAM Ratings – the most thought-provoking exercise on fathoming management of corporate and government.


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