CREAM Ratings – Measuring Corporate Governance – Management Development Program via Udemy

I declare open CREAM Ratings Academy for Corporate, via Udemy, Launched via LinkedIn:

Corporate Atomic Structure and the Return on Intangible principles enable Corporate CREAM Report, measured on a common denominator with unreasonable effectiveness. Science of metaphysics with a logical structure, brings abstractions into reality. It enables not only Microsoft “We’re on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” but others too.

Note the discussion on Corporate Culture vis-à-vis Tata-Cyrus Mistry, Infosys- Vishal Sikka, IL&FS – Parthasarathy, Volkswagen-Ferdinand Piëch, derived from a series of analytics, addressing “Who failed ( VW-Infosys-big4 Audit firms)- is it Corporate Governance or Management Quality?” What emerges in a precise and stately manner, is the Board undertaking ethical responsibility that is crucial, for corporate sustainability.

The 4.0 Industrial Revolution is about unleashing energies and skills of all the workforce that the Board shall propel, as the custodian of ethical assets. This is by applicability of simplicity, measuring energy as liberated matter and simultaneously matter as NPA where energy is waiting to happen.

Follow the two principles: 1.Change the denominator and 2. JIT – CAGR to CDGR [Daily].

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

CREAM Ratings Academy Intro

CREAM Ratings Academy Intro

CREAM Academy Intro is the announcement of Project ELITE – ABC of CREAM Ratings. Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and Execution of ABC of CREAM Ratings – A for Auditors, B for Bankers, and C for Company undertaking CREAM Report path of excellence, who are yoked together but measured independently based on my Book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.

The course content by each Module follows and given separately. There are 9 Modules in all that would culminate in the participant getting a course certification. CREAM Certified individuals have more to use the CREAM Ratings for their own benefit. These and other issue areas are given stp-by-step. This will be hosted by MyStudyMall owned by experienced IT professional Amit Das.

Please do have a look. The scheduled time for Project ELITE is January 1st 2021.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Now available for sale:

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At BEP: [Preview]
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Gujarat State, GSDP $1.5 trillion 2024: a Template for GDP~GNH combo – a short version.

Pleased to attach the shorter version of my previous presentation on the same subject. This is about 8’ as against 59’ of the previous one.

GDP-GNH is a massive work but simplified approach on account of Intangible that is proved as a constant, an energy force, with a fixed value in a specified mathematical context, enabling the accomplishment of an infinite succession of finite purposes by controlling each goal, is a great boon to countries. What it means is that your profits and growth are well expanded with a sustainable value system in place.

Intangible is defined, like zero being found as a number.

So I am starting CREAM Academy to implement Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training and Execution for ABC of CREAM Ratings. That is, A-Auditors, B-Banker, C-Company who are yoked together.

I am planning for 1. CREAM certification, 2. CREAM Audit, 3. CREAM Strategy Plan, 4. CREAM Implementation and 5. CREAM Action Plan. Principle #1 is What gets measured, gets managed that sustainability factors, Fiscal as well as Ethical Responsibilities are measured, name it.

However, please see the trailer for Gujarat State GSDP $1.5 trillion 2024.

Gujarat State, GSDP USD1.5 trillion 2024: a Template for GDP- GNH combo.

Based on my book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets. Here I highlight the Five steps to Nirvana, an essential combination of GNH and GDP, freedom from multiplicity of problems the society faces. This is given as a template for use by others too.

Step 1: CREAM Audit: Fault lines that appear in the data collection are highlighted for correction.

Step 2: CREAM Strategy Plan: Strategy Plan process in 6 stages. What we do is only quantitative elements via an ERP but here strategy plan for qualitative elements of management is brought to the fore.

Step 3: CREAM Implementation: Step 4: CREAM Training: Covered by elaborating on my IPR, Inactivity Based Cost Management with five principles, so that the end users take a grip on the finer aspects of measuring ‘cost consequence’ now, now, now, converting Strategy Plan to Action Plan.

Step 5: CREAM Action Plan is conveyed through the three principles of emergent property phenomena, for a simple way to Nirvana.

I welcome you all.

Now available for sale:
Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.
At India:
At BEP: [Preview]
At US:

Blueprint trillion-dollar Indian Agriculture 2024

Two major Independence Day we celebrate each year, the 15th of August and the 4th of July. What’s the difference? In India, we started off glamorizing a commie, and in America, it was all unleashing the energy of people.

Such an event has happened in India now, an event that would not happen anytime in the future. The world today warrants another America to emerge, free and bold. That’s the funda here in this talk, second of my series on Corporate Citizen.

There are two lessons we can take from the farmer: 1. Resilience – after months of toil, a flood, or a typhoon, faced with near-suicidal emotions, a farmer recovers and recovers fast. 2. Value System – Farmers may even commit suicide but their value system is intact.

I find the shortfall of both these elements in the corporate and have suggested a way to unleash the corporate energy. Together Project FISCAL – Farmer-Industry-Society, Consolidate-Agri-Leadership, would be a success and the trillion-dollar Indian Agri economy is quite achievable.

Corporate investors, over to you.

Let’s take up, Blueprint for ABC – Audit, Banking and Corporate…

The New Global Brand Name – CORPORATE CITIZEN

The New Global Brand Name – CORPORATE CITIZEN

Hi thanks, WordPress community. It was a great response from you – I present here the salient points of my book via youtube. There are two parts to it 1. Intellectual Value Capital and 2. Action Value Capital. The first part expresses succinctly how the book is created that you can use it for you and your company where you work. The second part is your action, based on how the book could assist you.

Firstly, the interesting aspect would be the difficulty you have put yourself in establishing ‘Goal Congruence’. In reality, you guys are fighting among yourselves instead of energizing each other. It’s is going to be an important aspect of management you must deeply think and CHANGE.

Secondly, there’s an SAP Case study. It does mention other companies too. Take note of it for all companies to correct themselves and get moving for the phenomenal growth of yourselves and the company you work for.

Finally, regarding Country rating? Talking of $5 trillion economies? Suggestions to Rating companies and the switching on your triggering device. The New Global Brand Name – is YOU – THE CORPORATE CITIZEN.

Please do have a look and let us discuss for development of an individual, corporate, and country growth and profits.

BEP Presents the book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability

A brief note on where to buy. For details on the book, please see the post Book launched via LinkedIn. I may not have connections to banks, industry, government admin, and educational institutions who all responded well. I can only convey to you, what Prof. James Pilant, Adjunct Professor at Drury University, [] commented for my post: BUY THE BOOK!.

Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal, and Ethical Assets.

I am pleased to launch my book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal, and Ethical Assets.

My letter to PM: Economic Revival Measures – Stimulus Package – Cost of Inaction

If India has to succeed in implementing the stimulus package it will be based on measuring the ethical assets we create. In my book I describe Knowledge is the goal of ethics. I explain the same as below:Continue reading “My letter to PM: Economic Revival Measures – Stimulus Package – Cost of Inaction”

How to hasten India’s economic recovery – Caught between NCLT and COVID-19 ?


Firstly, I present the four-issue areas selected from my Book, Return on Intangible, Measuring Fiscal and Ethical Assets, due for release in June 2020 from the US:

1. DIY kit for Corporate and government,
2. What does Society Teach?
3. A spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and
4. the attrition of ethical values.

Then my proposal for India Corporate, under the headings:

1. EPP – efforts per person,
2. Creative Process and Action Process,
3. Strategy Plan 2024,
4. Ratings facilitates consolidation,
5. Prepare a consolidated CREAM Report 2024, and
6. Fix it, fix it comprehensively the WuhanLab Syndrome.

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