Accounting for Climate Change Podcast Episode 5

Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate Change

Based on my recent participation in the discussion hosted by WTE Forum I am pleased to come out with the Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate change as my podcast Episode #5.
I draw my conclusions, based upon the talk by internationally acclaimed professors and scientists who were also part of the discussion on CO2 Emissions.
I analyze CO2 data Total by country as well as per capita but present what the scenario would be by per square KM area for two sets of stats. Then deriving upon the speaker’s expertise in this field I corelate how South Korea, Japan and Germany will find it more difficult than other countries. I offer this white paper on Accounting for Climate Change.
I offer a solution based on my IPR on CREAM Ratings – CREAM – Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality and Management Quality.
In addition, what I am currently working on for a client on the MSME platform for given criteria would include how to align the 63 million MSMEs into Scope 1,2,3 compliant units. The best shot is EPP – Effort per Person derivation that would surely bring down the CO2 Emission. Have a good read. Thanks.

Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate Change

Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate Change Podcast Episode 5

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 5 Accounting for Climate Change

Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate Change – Transcript

Accounting for Dreams Podcast Episode 4

Accounting for dreams

Klaus Schwab: There are three reasons for the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: velocity, scope, and systems impact. And the breadth and depth of these changes herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance.

Keith Farlinger of BDO – Dreams aren’t about seeing opportunities, they’re about seizing them – and they’re not about today, they’re about tomorrow.

Jayar: The Audit profession has been rendered ineffective by becoming a caged lion, by building the cage themselves strenuously. Come out of the cage. The Audit profession has to take back control of GRACE – Governance, Responsibility, Authority, Credibility, and Enablement as well as equip to measure qualitative elements of management, that are the Ethical Assets of a company.

CREAM Ratings is the catalyst, for the stability of the I 4.0.

Dream you should by CAGR and account for it by CDGR – Measuring the cost consequence, Now, Now, Now.

I commend BDO by Global Review 2018. Big audit firms shall lead by example and guide the profession to glory.

Accounting for Dreams Podcast Episode 4

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 4 Accounting for Dreams

Corporate Governance Toolkit Podcast Episode 3

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 3

Corporate Governance Toolkit

Corporate Governance Toolkit Podcast Episode 3

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 3 Corporate Governance Toolkit

Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring Episode 2

Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring

Please find the case study of handling Covid-19 by Col. Sridhar, a social issue well managed in a matured manner. Extrapolating the same on a national level we could have resolved many a problem without all the damage Covid-19 has inflicted upon us. It’s not too late though.

I emphasize the societal change in I-4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution warrants the change, in our handling of such issues that the industry shall take note of.

Post-Covid-19, there’s a need for Corporate Restructuring, Why the Board is entrusted with ethical responsibility? Where Universities have failed? Why the CEO Team struggles to set Goal Congruence? and How CREAM Ratings sets right the Sustainability of profits and growth? are the Q & A for the Corporate MoS.

I offer CREAM Ratings services for organizations to move at ease in the difficult forecasting scenario.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 2

How does Satya Nadella’s dual posts in Microsoft measure up to CREAM-Ratings?

Photo by Nothing Ahead on

Microsoft Corp. named Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella as board chairman. Satya would continue to be the CEO. Is there a conflict of interest, is there a conflict of personal interest or is there a conflict of conscience vis-à-vis the Corporate Atomic Structure?

Visit and become CREAM Ratings Certified Professional, which addresses Project SEED – Social, Environmental and Economic Development, the I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the societal changes that insights into Satya’s dilemma?

Satya Nadella – CREAM Ratings

Have a go.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Launching via LinkedIn

Launching CREAM Rating dot com

I am pleased to launch my website via LinkedIn.

I invite corporate managers to visit the site under my Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and execution.

The website has more than 100 posts in the last 11 years. I have added CREAM Ratings to it for the benefit of the Industry toward establishing Corporate management Operating Systems within each company.

CREAM Ratings Certified Professionals would carry them through Project ELITE for the organizations they would take part – as an employee, as a consultant, as an owner, as a member of the board of directors, as an independent director, as a stakeholder, as an Auditor, as a banker, as a University Professor, as an investor covering the entire gamut of stakeholders with Society topping the list.

The central theme is that I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution would be of two factors: 1. Advanced Digital Technology and 2. The Societal changes. Corporate Managers would necessarily need to equip with the Societal changes that are crucial for the advancement of I4.0.

Thanks. LinkedIn has been an excellent launchpad for CREAM Ratings.

The Science of Metaphysics – Accelerating Tech Advancement in MES

This is my weekly report #3, the science of metaphysics accelerating tech advancement in MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems, about the I4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the offing vis-a-vis CREAM Ratings.

Connecting the dots looking backward you will learn the flaws of very major ones in the second and the third industrial revolution. I build up looking forward with MES as a case study as to how the IT sector could bring about a change in the I4.0 – Tech Advancement and Social change.

I am working on CREAM Ratings methodology via WordPress so that the knowledge reaches out to many individuals. This week I shall announce the steps to spread the knowledge to many without any fee but a commitment to learning would be done via the assessment methodology put in.

The Fourth Industrial revolution I4.0 will be led by Certified CREAM Report professionals. Sponsor your candidates. Then get a CREAM Report done for your organization, I shall guide you.

Please see LinkedIn:

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Week 2 Report: CREAM Ratings correcting Corporate Fault Line

Pleased to present, my Week 2 report, CREAM Ratings Correcting Corporate Fault Line. Is Fault Line, singular not plural. How a single factor could change the entire gamut of management, for the better?

The architecture of CREAM Ratings is described on a global level of 17 SDGs and then how at the micro-level the social, environmental, and economic development factors are fitted into.

How does it develop to finally button-hole on a singular aspect of management that needs a course correction and adopt what CREAM Ratings Methodology brings to the fore?

Please see the LinkedIn post: Measuring the Intangible – Project SEED – Social, Environmental, Economic, Development. A CREAM Ratings Academy Presentation.

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