Podcast Episode 48: CorporateMOM – AI application for Auditing, Banking, Certified Corporate Governance – RFP

CorporateMOM – AI Copiloting ABC of SOS Governance – AI application for Auditing, Banking, Certified Corporate Governance – RFP

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AI is THE WORD today. Rishi Sunak, Elon Musk, Google, and Microsoft & all are talking about THE WORD. No escape. THE WORD is that it is going to make redundant millions of people now employed in all and sundry jobs, particularly the AI telemarketing robots. Welcome. How good I feel to talk to a robot. No point in my getting angry.

The next in line are the Accountants and Auditors as Frey, and Osborne, predicted in 2013 with a probability of 0.94, only next to Telemarketers at 0.99.

What do I do? Do I welcome it as I have done with the Telemarketers?

In this presentation AI application for Auditing, Banking, Corporate Governance – Certified, I am discussing the same, whether Accountants and Auditors be done away with.

I conclude, that it is not AI that is triggering the collapse of the auditors but the harakiri of the auditors themselves. In this presentation, I reiterate Auditors are the only homogenous group focusing on Ethical responsibility and no other. AI is not governed by any Statutory Body whereas Auditors are. Auditors shall take note of it. It is imperative for the growth of the global economy Auditors report on the governance of a company. Let us find out whether AI [Artificial Intelligence] or HI [Human Intelligence] succeeds.

Let us strengthen the hands of the Auditors who certify SOS Governance Standards.


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