Podcast Episode 47: CorporateMOM – ABC of VC Funding – Troika of Entanglement – Auditors, Bankers, Companies.

CorporateMOM – ABC of VC Funding – Troika of Entanglement – Auditors, Bankers, Companies.

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CorporateMOM – ABC of VC Funding – Troika of Entanglement – Auditors, Bankers, Companies.

Another interesting and useful analytics from CorporateMOM is now on VC Funding. I am looking at length, some of the unicorns that have gone sour. But the troika of entanglement engages one to know not to consider a company in isolation. A mere P&L and Balance Sheet alone has no meaning.

Entanglement: An entangled system is defined as say, the constituents are not individual particles but are an inseparable whole. In entanglement, one constituent cannot be fully described without considering the other(s). Troika of entanglement explains how qualitative elements of management that are part of inseparable all-inclusive elements, affect corporate stability. It’s like Superman’s ability is affected by Kryptonite.

Poor guys these unicorns. You pump them with a lot of money, with no governance and accountability, and make them splurge in gay abandon. The end result is the stalling of development in startups becoming a major force to be reckoned with, for the Indian Economy.

Auditors in this VC Funding scenario take the lead but are limited to a few. This is because VC Funding relates to a number of foreign LPs. VCs are the intermediaries between the startups and the LPs. An LP (an individual or an entity) is the money behind a VC or private equity fund. Currently, Governance lapses, and irregularities prompt LPs to drive changes in startup investments. Prompted by these reported instances of mismanagement and lack of oversight, LPs are driving changes in their relationships with VCs who recommend and manage their investment funds. Allegations of governance lapses or financial irregularities have surfaced at startups such as Byjus, GoMechaninc, BharatPe, Trell, Zilingo, Mojocare, Phablecare, and 4B Networks.

CorporateMOM looks at the maze of entanglement and offers insight into the governance lapses in all three players. Governance lapses or financial irregularities mean the existing Ego-System of ABC must get aligned with the Eco-System Nature provides. Time to change, a drastic change in the funding process. Surely it will shake all three players. Take a look.


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