Podcast Episode 38: CorporateMOM – MISSION POSSIBLE – Mandatory Corporate FEC – [Fiscal-Ethical-Co-Responsibility] Report

CorporateMOM – Mission Possible – Mandatory Corporate FEC – [Fiscal-Ethical-Co-Responsibility] Report – My Services

After my post on LinkedIn CorporateMOM and Fund Management wherein I expressed my MISSION POSSIBLE to approach GoI to make FEC (Fiscal-Ethical-co-Responsibilty) Report mandatory, I got a good response and positive thumbs up. I have prepared a video talk as below. Please take a look. Here I am adding to indicate what my charges are, for services that I offer, as inquired by one of my LinkedIn connections.

My Services:

Consequent to my recent posts Mr. Venkatesh Muniyellappa [ linkedin.com/in/venkateshmuniyellappa ] called me over the phone and we had a chat about what services I offer and what would be the charges.

In my CorporateMOM Mission Possible, I made clear what I offer.

1. On a Corporate Level – I shall help companies to establish:

i. As a first step change your organization structure.

ii. Prepare an FEC Report.

Venkatesh was asking what the charges for my services. My response to him was:

1. With CorporateMOM available in book form, a one-day introduction would prepare the managers for DIY. I am keen for many companies to come forward. FEC Report ultimately going to put such companies on a high pedestal of growth. For companies that decide to go in for CorporateMOM principles a monthly retainership would do.

2. For companies like Opal Advisors where Venkatesh is in the driver’s seat as I have indicated in CorporateMOM and Fund Management, the three-tier Investor-Investee relationship be strengthened with an FEC Report. I have given the Volkswagen FEC Framework Report – companies shall prepare similar Reports in their own names. Due diligence of the investee company I shall assist, in preparing the Strategy Plan 2030 by MeRIT – Measure, Record, Implement, and Track. It is the investee company’s responsibility to convince the investors as to how an FEC Report of the investee company assures performance to the investors. It is on a continuous basis.

3. I will also assist companies like OPAL Advisors to prepare an FEC Report so that companies they invest in or do consulting or obtain funds for their own expansion are duly reported. I recommend companies take two articles out of UNCAC – Article 10 Public Reporting and Article 13 – Participation of Society. Article 13 emphasizes the commitment of a company toward society and Article 10 Reporting to the public what the FEC report is looking at in terms of justifying the actions of men and women who have been handling the affairs of the company.

What are my charges? Nothing much. You can write to me if you are interested in preparing an FEC Report for your company, and I shall guide you. If we all can break the current ecosystem that would be good – don’t get stuck with big names MNCs.

4. Universities: Guide the corporate, not the other way round. You are churning out the same MBAs for over 50 years. Should the companies come for placement interviews present your graduates with their in-depth knowledge of CorporateMOM and ready to implement FEC Framework in their companies.

NOTE: IBCM Technology shall assist companies to prepare an FEC Report and establish the CREAM Rating System and would certify it. CREAM is an acronym for Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality and Management Quality.





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