Planning & Budget: Measuring by Return On Intangible

Corporates and Governments: Convert a n-dimensional problem into n problems of one dimension:

Planning & Budget: Measuring by Return On Intangible

From Return on Investment that companies are accustomed to, it is Return on Intangible that IBCM© Research recommends. Compact your infinite numbers to a single rating system and move forward attracting best investments. So in case of countries where Budget system is elaborate but lacks follow-up. Return on Intangible is as applicable to governments as they are for Corporates. 

Balance Sheet is described by IBCM© Research, as a convoluted process of exhibiting self-deception. That a corporate or a country has to go in for rating is due to the inadequacy of Balance Sheet as a financial instrument. Return on Intangible corrects that anomaly.

All the rating agencies have uniformly declared: “A rating, very simply put, is an opinion — an independent opinion”. Similarly accounting firms have opined: “ It is management‘s responsibility, with the oversight of those charged with Governance, to ensure that the entity‘s operations are conducted in accordance with laws and regulations.”

IBCM© Research Planning & Budget Measuring by Return on Intangible is unique in the world of management enabling corporates and governments to rate themselves where they stand as of now and how they could optimise their potential, block by block.

What is significant is the amazing shrinking of data to a single digit energy number (0-5) for the corporate as a whole, with rating by each block.

Besides, CSR is given the most prominent space in rating and the presentation urges corporates to look for their share from huge pension funds of USD 20.1 trillion.

St. Augustine: “What art thou doing, my child?”  “I mean to empty the sea into the hole,” answered the child, busily going backwards and forwards with his spoon.

By Subject – Object distinction of  Management, entire data of World Economy is compacted in a small hole of Intangible, arriving at a single rating (0-5), where the rating represents m mass in the equation   e = mc² where e is the Intangible, the energy force.

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